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The CMStrade software is divided into applications, which reasonably group the mul­ti­tu­de of domains and tasks constituting the international trade business. You do not need to use all the applications e.g. you may not need Futures and Options.

For convenience, the applications are shown in two sets.




Physical Introduction.

Physical /1 Offer; contract.

Physical /2 Pre-shipment.

Physical /3 Shipment.

Physical /4 Financials.

Futures , with hedging.

Options , with hedging.

Forex , with hedging.


Process Transformation.

Finance Credit line; LC; …




Cash management

Cost accounting

Broker accounting for derivatives.


General accounting

Limits trade & financial.

Risk analysis trade & financial.

Commissions, Taxes

CS-RM Client & supplier (C)RM.

Salary Swiss version.

Follow-up Event-based to-do s.

Policies Action & data control.


Discover +30 years of practical software for the full trading business cycle.

One software developed by one company - the only way to get best results.


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