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Cost (or analytical) Accounting, a crucial industrial management and control tool, is equally important and useful in trade.

Fully implemented, it can track, analyse and compare against estimates, both the financial and quantitative evolution of the cost/profit centers.

CMS­trade's CA involves multiple and em­bed­ded cost centers, financial and quan­ti­ta­tive data (unlike industry, trade data unhelpfully start by being approx­i­ma­te!), com­plex indirect costs, etc.

It is impossible to answer these issues by only adding some CA data fields in the physical or accounting. There­fore, CMS­trade's CA is a complete application.

By thus specialising, the CA conforms to its auxiliary ac­coun­ting role, and can:

deal with tonnage/volume too,

have multiple time-frames,

classify costs/revenues in far greater de­tail and flexibility than would be feasible in GA.

The CA equally integrates fully with the other applications, which au­to­ma­ti­cal­ly supply the bulk of its data and tran­sac­tions. In effect, there is little manual input in the application!

CMS­trade CA is a necessary ma­na­ge­ment tool: it precisely analyses what has hap­pened and helps to pre­vent what should not happen.


For information on Operations, Output

and Transactions, please see Data.


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