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Standardisation and 
without compromise,
only the advantages.

Are you attracted by the price and avai­la­bi­li­ty of a packaged business so­ft­wa­re but insecure with its use-as-is concept?

Do you believe your only option is ma­de-to-measure software - des­pi­te its chan­ces of misfit, its cost overruns and the risks posed by its uni­que­ness?

Will these dangers be less with an off-the-shelf software that uses pro­prie­ta­ry lan­gua­ges and tools for cus­to­mi­sa­tion by consultants or to-be-trained staff?

CMStrade - the easy transparent choice:

Stan­dard, spe­cia­li­sed, com­ple­te,
with their advantages:

low and fixed price

ready to use



and customise-able,
without its disadvantages,
with CMS's special advantages

you can do it yourself;

you will employ only non-pro­prie­ta­ry well-known tools and lan­gua­ges;

you do not risk dis­rupting the soft­ware nor voiding up­da­tes.

The customisations here are the pro­fes­sio­nal type, usu­al­ly done by au­tho­ri­sed staff. Some re­qui­re ba­sic pro­gram­ming.

For user customisations, see Friendliness.



Internet: the all-round win.

CMSiServer’s Internet interface means you can use the incomparable versatility and sim­pli­ci­ty of Internet languages (DHTML, Ja­va­script, CSS, etc.) to create very at­trac­tive and functional input forms just as you want, in any number of (spoken) languages.

Note: Internet languages are non-pro­prie­tary, freely available, need only a brow­ser facility, are easily learned, and you can call on a vast pool of trained programmers.


Internet + MS Office™ too.

Use the Internet languages for your own re­ports. Its real-time positioning allows very dynamic outputs, while its wealth of fea­tu­res superbly enhances at­trac­tive­ness and readability. Use MS Word™ also, if you wish.

Transaction templates

A new look at an overlooked issue.

The transaction concept we have developed op­ti­mal­ly accommodates the various ways the same bu­si­ness operations are done in dif­fe­rent com­pa­nies. You can now build your own transaction templates from the stan­dard CMS ones, then safely and easily model your formulae, rules, composi­tion, … needs.

Data and programs

Combinations - so many possible.

CMSiServer’s object-oriented design allows making a variety of programs, and com­bi­na­tions, to operate/display data. For each data item, you may setup which, and in what combination, programs are available, and to which users - fine-tuning usefulness.

Organisation parameters

Your company's view of the business.

Organisation parameters adapt our stan­dard soft­wa­re to use in your com­pany's en­vi­ron­ment. Without our in­ter­ven­tion, you specify and maintain these parameters per your business today and tomorrow.


Drag-n-drop management of security.

CMSiServer's security system is ex­ten­si­ve, from setting each user’s access to each pro­g­ram in each company used, to grouping users and programs for efficient ma­na­ge­ment, all implemented using the same con­cepts and easy methods of the software.

External software

Putting your data to use elsewhere.

CMSiServer generates XML data from out­puts to use - eventually adjusted with XSL - on other software. In a simpler format, data can be directly used by MS Excel™.

Note: XML & XSL are non-proprietary uni­ver­sal standards. Ge­ne­ra­ted XML data can be tailored via the selection, cal­cu­la­tion and ar­ran­ge­ment options of the output itself.


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