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CMS has fully developed these often-neglected applications because their automatisation is bound to save you valuable time and effort.

The CMStrade CommissioN application deals with the commissions to pay or receive on physical contracts.

Commission are set to exe­cu­te at a spe­ci­fic stage, e.g., sig­na­ture, invoice.

The execution of the commission in­te­gra­tes with the cost accounting, up­da­t­ing the relevant cost center.

It also records the executed com­miss­ions, so you can:

Select the ones to pay.

Monitor the ones to receive.

Integration with the re­cei­va­b­les/pa­ya­bles and general accounting completes the process.

The CMStrade TAx application concerns taxes levied on transactions.

Taxes can be designated in the voucher templates and filled-in in the voucher.

Integration with the various accounting applications eliminates the need to ma­nu­al­ly (re-)input the data in each.

Taxes incurred are catalogued and used to provide detailed tax declarations.



Concerns commissions for buy/sell physical contracts.

Either to pay to or eventually to receive from broker/agent.

Based on rate per quantity or percentage of amount.

Flat amount also possible.

Payable at one or multiple stages of the con­tract, e.g. contract signature, invoice.

Registered as due on execution of the spe­ci­fied stage.

List of commissions due (pay/receive) se­lec­ted on different criteria.

Selection also according to origin i.e. con­tract, invoice, etc.

Access to full voucher that generated the commission.

Confirming commissions to be processed, as well as full/partial amount to effect.

Grouping of payments to lower bank costs.

Integration of payment with relevant applications.

Historical record for analysis and control.


Concerns taxes for all types of invoices, in­clu­ding debit/credit note, client/supplier invoice, etc.

Automatically included and calculated as part of formal vouchers.

Also ad hoc input in other vouchers, e.g. receivable/payables, as needed.

Taxes for principal amount and the other individual costs.

Pre-definition of different taxes applicable.

Registered at posting of its voucher.

List of taxes incurred selected on different criteria.

Selection also according to origin i.e. debit note, invoice, etc.

Access to full voucher that generated the tax.

Registered tax records detail party, base, type, date, etc.

Produce formal tax declarations.

Historical record for analysis and control.

For information on Operations, Output

and Transactions, please see Data.


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