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This section of the PHysical application deals with many of the traffic/execution operations, i.e.:

organising sell shipments

administrating buy shipments.

CMSiServer’s ability to handle multiple item hierarchies provides the extreme flexilibility needed in traffic operations such as:

assigning and managing multiple contract periods each with one or more shipments,

shipping an item alone or multiple items from one or more contracts,

relating the divers transports, do­cu­ments, etc. of the shipping process.

Traffic staff use the united buy-sell-stock reports to analyse ship­ment al­ter­na­ti­ves, after which they match (also can­cel and re-match, all with easy drag-n-drop) the buy-sell-stock elements concerned.

This updates the analytical re­ports in real-time so traffic remains fully aware of the mutations at all times.

The administration of the buy shipment includes processing the supplier invoice, which updates the position (inventory, floating) and integrates with other CMS­trade applications, including accounting.

The shipping process relates the ship­ment(s) to transportation (boats, bar­ges, trains, trucks), storage (holds, con­tai­ners) and documents (bills of lading, pro-formas, certificates, etc.).

CMStrade permits very flexible relations among these different elements. Conversely, it uses these relations for mo­ni­tor­ing and tracing the elements.


For information on Operations, Output

and Transactions, please see Data.


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