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The Broker Accounting is the front-office application for the derivatives (futures, options) department to manage the ac­c­oun­ts of brokers they deal with.

In CMStrade, BA is updated as events actually occur and therefore is syn­chro­ni­sed with the broker's own re­cor­ds. The BA is thus separate from - but still integrated with - the accounting.

BA concerns all the different operations and related data in derivatives: com­mis­s­ion, premiums, interest, transfers, etc.

The BA front accounts integrate with the receivables/payables. This eliminates:

duplicate data input in both of them;

data and timing conflicts between front and accounting, but still pre­ser­ves data coherence between them.

The application con­tains the gua­ran­tees (based on the actual fi­nan­ci­al accounts) given to brokers, and the margin con­di­tions contracted.

These can be used to calculate the bro­ker's equity, and, based on actual or es­ti­ma­ted market prices, the margin call report anytime.

BA also integrates with the cost ac­coun­ting, ventilating the P/L amounts (com­mis­sions, pre­miums, results, etc) in the relevant costs centers.


For information on Operations, Output

and Transactions, please see Data.


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