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The FUtures application han­dles ter­mi­nal market transactions.

It can be used:

to hedge the transactions of other position applications (physical, stock),

for price fixation of physical trades,

for 3rd-party/speculative deals.

It covers raw commodity (agricultural, mineral, energy), currency, freight, index and interest rate instruments.

CMStrade FU is complete, providing all the specific facilities needed: valu­a­tion, offset, hedge, broker accounts, equity, margin call, commissions, etc.

It is integrated with the other CMS­trade applications that are relevant, for hed­ging, for cash management, for ac­coun­ting (including off-balance sheet).

All FU transactions, offsets and other ope­ra­tions integrate up to the ac­coun­ting applications.

This tight integration puts FU squarely in the company’s data flow, boosting productivity, but more crucially, control and forecasting.


For information on Operations, Output

and Transactions, please see Data.


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