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... the all-inclusive software for your trading company

You are with a tra­ding com­pany or the sales-pur­cha­se de­part­ment of a ma­nu­fac­tu­rer or pro­du­cer.

You negotiate to buy/sell inter­na­tion­al­ly com­mo­di­ties or similar.

You are looking for …

■ one software for trade + business

Everything from negotiation to accounting,
packed with +30 years of experience,
from one company, for best results.

■ innovation and efficiency

In­ter­net tech­no­lo­gy, self-cus­to­mi­se-ab­le,
real-time throughout, auto-re­fre­sh­ing
in­for­ma­tion, easy, au­dit-qua­li­ty,

■ de­li­ve­ry now, and economy

Ready-to-go; fixed low service fee.

…  a  software  of  answers

and an unbeatable software !

● All trade and business operations.
● Completely integrated.
● True real-time everywhere.
● Extensively customise-able.
● Internet-based.
● Economic.

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No longer compromise with loosely or non in­te­gra­ted trade and bu­si­ness soft­ware from different suppliers.

Only the seam­less fusion of all your trade and business data in one sof­t­wa­re an­swers the exigencies of your com­plex business. Get, for example:

Credit lines and cash manage­ment trac­king phy­si­cals and ac­coun­ting.

Industrial-strength cost ac­coun­ting - the well-kept secret of success.

Tran­sac­tion tracing across de­part­ments upto original vou­cher; ef­fi­ci­ent au­dits; re­gu­la­tory compliance.

Truer risk control, far be­yond ba­sic phy­si­cal positions and hedges.

Built-in, fully in­te­gra­ted, real-time accounting: for optimum com­p­any over­view and early warning.

A complete software answers completely and a quality software can afford to be affordable.




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