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The thoroughness and manipulability of CMStrade’s PHysical (i.e. cash contract or deal or trade) application answers the tough real world exigencies faced at each stage of the PH operation, from initial negotiation until the last financial settlement.

Thus, the PH application:

is multi commodity and multi item, buy and sell, in weight, volume and units, mul­ti currency and multi language, …;

allows and controls stepwise evo­lu­tion from the contract’s guidelines to the facts of delivery and invoicing;

adapts to amendments, an­nu­la­tions, changes in specifications and in quan­ti­ty, tolerance, etc.;

handles the many different aspects such as costings, commissions, fi­na­li­sa­tions, taxes, etc.;

incorporates futures and currency hed­ges, and the stock.


Plus, CMS considers it crucial that all PH data are verified and coherent, because CMStrade, being a fully integrated com­ple­te sof­t­wa­re, uses many of these data to automatically create data in several other applications.

Only when the PH ap­pli­ca­tion is thus made a part of a whole sof­t­wa­re, and is not a soft­wa­re by itself, will you find the stress-free productivity you want.

To cover the full scope of the CMStrade PH ap­pli­ca­tion, it is described in 4 sections:

Physical /1  Offer,contract.

Physical /2  Pre-shipment.

Physical /3  Shipment.

Physical /4  Financials.


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