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With CMStrade Limits you can establish a risk aversion profile for your company, to keep its operations within the limits you con­si­der safe for your business.

A risk is presumed anytime the cur­rent va­lue of one or more selected in­di­ca­tors ex­ceeds the limit you specified.

Some common indicators monitored are: receivables, net receivables/pay­a­bles, quan­ti­ty long, quantity short, quan­ti­ty net, net unhedged, valuated open.

The indicators can be for single en­ti­ties, e.g., client, supplier, commodity, or com­poun­ded, e.g., by commodity groups for each client, as is practical.

With such flexibility, you can create both overall and detailed limits, so you can set the overall lower (thus early-war­n­ing) than the sum of the indivi­du­al limits!

Also, as CMStrade includes all ap­pli­ca­tions and integrates in real-time, there is no discrepancy among the in­di­ca­tors.

For example, receivables and open va­l­ua­tion perfectly counteract, one in­crea­sing as the other decreases.

In CMStrade, you can trust the risk warnings because the values of all the indicators are real and current.

You can use the Limits application from a management viewpoint, to analyse com­pre­hen­si­ve­ly and in the light of external events. You can then suspend ope­ra­tions for chosen parties or com­mo­di­ties until the situation improves.

You can also use Limits to trigger Action Policies that will warn or block se­lec­ted ac­tions, e.g., no contracts can be issued while a cli­ent’s receivables and/or a commodity’s open net exceeds limits.


For information on Operations, Output

and Transactions, please see Data.


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