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CMSiServer, CMStrade, NouveauMonde and other CMS product and do­main names, e-mail addresses and logos herein are tra­de­marks of CMS Computer Management Sys­tem SA, Lausanne, Switzerland.

The names of other companies and products mentioned on this website may be the tra­de­marks of their respective owners.

List of such trademarks:
Digital, Data General, Ho­ney­well-Bull, IBM, IBM PC,
S/36, AS/400, Mi­cro­soft, In­ter­net Ex­plo­rer, Word,
MS SQL Ser­ver, Opera, Firefox.


Any rights not expressly granted here are reserved.


For any related inquiry, please email it to info@cms.ch


Products qualify for this insignia if they are 60% or more made in Switzerland.

CMSiServer & CMStrade are completely made in Switzerland.


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