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The software is essentially built using non-pro­prie­ta­ry lan­gua­ges and facilities, most of which are free in operating sys­tems.

Any proprietary feature needed or adding op­tio­n­al use­ful­ness, is used such that it can be easy replaced with a non-pro­prie­ta­ry al­ter­na­tive when it becomes available.

The autonomy gained thus is at the cost of slo­wer initial basic development. But this investment is rich­ly com­pen­sa­ted today:

faster new program creation

higher quality and optimisation

easier platform up­dates

smoother mi­gra­tion to new platforms

longer product life

reduced main­te­nan­ce

lower cost

simpler and cheaper to innovate

  (see Facilities for other examples).


The software reinforces your sys­tem's se­cu­ri­ty mea­sures with its own:

Data ex­chan­ged with the work ses­sions are in raw form - not in ea­si­ly de­ci­pher­ed web pages - to foil in­ter­pre­ta­tion.

Data transmitted and stored are crypted to void any se­cu­ri­ty breach.

Though Inter­net-based, your data stays with you because the software stores them on your own in­hou­se ser­ver.


Windows and Web browser

You can use the software on Windows and a Web browser. The software recognises which and immediately adapts to it op­ti­mal­ly. No separate Windows and Web sof­t­wa­re and da­ta­ba­ses, nor the con­se­quent com­pli­ca­tions.

Now you can easily give clients and others Web access to their own information.


Only standard generic SQL is used; all ne­ces­sa­ry non-generic database functions have been custom-built. This allows using a SQL da­ta­ba­se while staying in­de­pen­dent of its pro­prie­ta­ry features.


The software is in native 64-bit code to take full advantage of the massive power, speed and scalability of the new 64-bit processors and operating systems.

Note: A 32-bit version is available, but it is not recommended for use on 64-bit systems, which penalise 32-bit software.

Multi threading

The software judiciously implements hard and soft multi threading, optimising speed while maintaining stability.

Complex to code, multi threading however sub­stan­tial­ly boosts - especially with today’s mul­ti core pro­ces­sors - multi-user and mul­ti-ses­sion res­pon­si­ve­ness.

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