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Client/Supplier Resource Management enhances client/supplier communication and simplifies its management.

Often, client/supplier data are mi­ni­mum e.g. address for invoices. In CMS, there is a wealth of data to use and employ in many more ways.

Thus, input a client/supplier’s complete department + staff organisation (or the sections you deal with), plus various in­for­ma­tion about each member, their one or more ad­dres­ses and communication co-ordinates.

The members can also be grouped in mul­ti­ple alternate ways to use together in procedures and reports.

Via the co-ordinates, com­mu­ni­ca­te with (based on your telecom and email sys­tems) or write (Word™) to any member or a group of members.

You can also maintain a diary of contacts with members, and schedule tasks and ap­point­ments.

CS-RM, by centralising all the client­/­sup­plier information and making it con­ve­nien­tly accessible and useful, im­pro­ves the efficiency of doing business.


Common data for the use of all applications.

Concerns data on CS companies, and others e.g. agencies, government offices.

Detailed basic data, such as name, ty­pe of bu­si­ness, capital, etc.

Add various departments (e.g. trade, traf­fic) for each CS.

Add different persons in each department.

Detailed description of persons, e.g. rank, language, photo.

All these members (CS, department, per­son) accessed individually or through their hier­ar­chy or via various categori-sations.

Different purpose (e.g. mail, invoice, pri­va­te) addresses for members.

Multiple addresses allowed for each purpose (a pri­ma­ry and one or more secondaries).

Similarly, multiple email, web, Skype and other net­work addresses for members.

Finally, an assortment of phone, mobile and fax numbers for each member.

Communications initiated directly from these different co-ordinates.

Note: possibilities depend on the relevant system resources present.

Input of co-ordinates unnecessary for per­sons (or de­part­ments) if they are the same as for its department or CS.

A person's (or department's) partial address is completed using any cor­res­pon­ding data available in its department or CS.

Members normally selected (lists, etc.) by de­fin­ed attributes, e.g., Chinese & sup­pli­ers.

Alternatively, when needed attributes are undefined, freely group members in mul­ti­ple ad hoc ways e.g., Asian & clients, also pri­va­te­ly-owned, and manufacturers.

These groupings are practical for a variety of purposes, e.g., obtaining open positions, sen­ding holiday greetings.

Merge one or many addresses (directly as­sig­ned or using groups) with WORD™ tem­p­la­tes to write letters, print labels, etc.

Similarly, effect a mass email, adding a common message text.

Record contacts with members, with details and any follow-up action.

Automatic generation of contacts for re­cor­ding any mass action.

Contact lists based on different criteria, for reference and archives.

Contacts to-do reminder lists.

For information on Operations and Output,

please see Data.


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