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CMStrade uses its advanced technology to serve you - not the other way around - by making business software practical: presenting the data and their relations trans­pa­rent­ly, ra­tion­a­li­sing the operations required to a few standard and evident ones, pro­vi­ding a full series of self-customisation facilities, plus other helpful features.

You know your business - you are ready to work with CMStrade.

Data transparency        also see …

All data and their relations are shown gra­phi­cal­ly, giving you a comprehensive view, so you can directly work on the ones you need and instantly see changes you make.

Data operations           also see …

Simply click on an item for its menu of valid actions (add, change, clone, …) and choose. To make a relation, just drag-n-drop.

Input                         also see …

Input forms use the Inter­net facilities, so you benefit of its friendly versatility. The input is validated to always ensure correct data.

Output                       also see …

Outputs are unusually dynamic (auto-re­fresh, data operations, drill-downs/ups, out­put chains, etc.), attractive and user fri­end­ly using the Inter­net facilities. Static plain layouts can use MS Word™ too.

Transactions               also see …

Novel productivity facilities: make and use templates and models to automatise and vali­da­te voucher input; clone new vouchers from old; traceback original input voucher.

Ad hoc categories

Without program intervention, constitute your own categories & sub­ca­te­go­ries of cli­ents, ac­counts, commodities, …, to group or structure output results in multiple ways.

Visual power

Vary the font size of input/out­put win­dows; make win­dows transparent; bring re­la­ted ones to the foreground, move, mi­ni­mi­se, etc., them together; cancel auto-re­fre­sh of out­puts; let out­puts signal changed data … an amazing range of visual needs realised.

Work layouts

Think of a need, select and parameter lists, reports, operations to fulfill it, size and ar­ran­ge them on the screen, save the layout. Recall - now refreshed with the current data - the full layout anytime with one easy dou­ble click and use immediately.

Visual power and Work layouts are ideal for the new touch-screen PCs.

Personalise menus

Create your menus & submenus, po­pu­la­te them with the pro­grams al­lo­ca­ted to you and your work layouts - as only you want.

Online guides

Data and options context-sensitive tooltips; explanations for reports and operations; descriptions for items and transactions.

Multi language + character-set

Input menus, forms, texts, guides, …, in any language, in native characters, to ac­com­mo­da­te users, write official documents, etc.

Other software

You can transfer outputs to WORD/EXCEL™. In the non-proprietary XML for­mat, the out­put is compatible with many other software. You can thus, without ex­ter­nal in­ter­ven­tion, use your data in the way you need.


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