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The ForeX application covers over-the-counter foreign exchange deals.

Note: Currency Futures and Options are handled in their respective applications.

The deals can be used:

to hedge physical and even futures transactions that are not in the main or functional currency,

to take position in a foreign currency, in anticipation or speculation.

CMStrade FX is a complete application, both in terms of transactions and ope­ra­tions, and in providing a variety of po­si­tions and revaluation reports (analysed by individual currency or currency pair).

FX is integrated with the other CMStrade applications that are relevant:

for accounting’s off-balance sheet, to mirror the risk;

for hedging, and revaluating the hed­g­ed transaction using the deal rate;

for cash management, which in­cor­po­ra­tes all (cash)flows due to FX into the cash projections.

A full-featured application integrated in the software, FX provides a formal re­li­a­b­le functionality (e.g., no di­r­ect input of deal rate in hedged transactions).


For information on Operations, Output

and Transactions, please see Data.


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