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CMStrade already ensures data va­li­di­ty, operation sequences and re­la­tions, so your company’s data are reliable and stay co­he­rent automatically.

The application Policies allows you to ex­tend this con­trol by customising it.

Policies, in fact, will embody your com­pa­ny’s business practice and ex­pe­rien­ce.

Embodied, they will be applied wi­t­h­out fail at each step, protecting your bu­si­ness against mistakes, inadvertence or assumptions.

Result: a consistent and dependable business administration.

There are two types of policies:

Action policies, which let you con­trol what actions can be performed or to de­fine what actions need to be done.

Data policies, which let you spe­ci­fy the appropriate data to use in dif­fe­rent si­tua­tions.

Policies are facultative and you can add them progressively.

With each Policy you add, you are eli­mi­na­ting some more guesswork and thus increasing your company’s efficiency.

PoLicies is a power­ful CMS subsystem, invented to answer trading's very spe­ci­fic and complex operational needs.

It makes no assumptions about the way you should operate or the data va­lues you must use, allowing you a large au­to­no­my to model them as you see fit for your business.

It is universal (a result of CMSiSer­ver’s object-ori­en­ta­tion): it exists for all ap­pli­ca­tions and adapts to new needs.

It is not constrained to a few data or to a limited number of actions or situations imposed by the software's developers.


For information on Operations, Output

and Transactions, please see Data.


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