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The OPtions application han­dles ter­mi­nal market transactions and is used:

to hedge Futures transactions,

for 3rd-party/speculative deals.

It covers raw commodity (agricultural, mineral, energy), currency, index and interest rate instruments.

CMStrade OP is complete, providing all the specific operations needed: va­lu­a­tion, exercise, exit, settlement, hedge, broker accounts, commissions, etc.

It is integrated with the other CMS­trade applications that are relevant, for hed­ging, for cash management, for ac­coun­ting (including off-balance sheet).

All OP transactions/ope­ra­tions integrate up to the ac­coun­ting applications.

OP is thus more than the usual position application: as an integral part of the financial data too, these data are now more visible, providing better ma­na­ge­ment control.


For information on Operations, Output

and Transactions, please see Data.


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