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Risk Analysis identifies the multitude of trade business risks, quantifies them and controls them against limits.

CMStrade, being complete and in­te­gra­ted, is not limited to dissecting open trade risks only. It possesses the data to coherently analyse a full panoply of risks - all in real time.

Market/hedging/diversification risks

Open trade, stock and process po­si­tions marked-to-market (at actual and si­mu­la­ted prices), hedged (fu­tu­res, exchange, interest rate), and seg­men­ted by origin, destination, coun­ter­party, period, etc., for a tho­rough eva­lua­tion of the risk of possession.

Simulate prices and rates to stress-test.

Operational/execution risks

Operation deviations from ex­pec­ta­tions to forewarn of potential pro­b­lems, and identify trends to be as­ses­sed. Accruals correct reporting biases to reveal any occult losses.

Liquidity risks

Combining the cash ins and outs ac­tual­ly due with the projected forward trades, to anticipate medium to long term li­qui­di­ty issues.

Credit risks

From the straightforward re­cei­va­b­les­/­pay­ab­les open post control to the com­plex monitoring of credit lines, L/Cs, etc., provide the in­for­ma­tion to react early.

Accounting risks

Control the risk of non-functional cur­ren­cy balance sheet accounts kept in non-historical book value (balance-sheet ex­chan­ge risk).

Also, visualise the impact in the ac­coun­ting of the current valuations of trade and derivative positions.


For information on Operations, Output

and Transactions, please see Data.


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