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The CMStrade FiNance application is ac­tual­ly a set of applications serving dif­fer­ent aspects of the financing of trades: credit line, letter of credit, bank gua­ran­tee, col­la­te­ral, loan.

Most often these applications are only avai­la­ble as separate software, isolated from the company's other business data.

On the contrary, we have built FN into the CMStrade software, fully integrating and sharing the data of the other applications.

Consider the integrations of FN with the accounts receivable/payable and the general accounting:

their accounts serve as the basis for the various trade finance components, such as collateral given;

their relevant transactions, such as supplier’s invoice, your payment, etc., are immediately mirrored in credit lines and their respective LCs.

Similarly, the integration with the phy­si­cal application - the reason for the fi­nan­cing - amalgamates their relevant data.

Some benefits of ending FN's isolation:

many of the FN transactions are now in the other applications and so do not have to be found and again input;

the FN situations are now always up-to-date and synchronised with the ac­coun­ting events;

it is also easy to present the current state of the contract/shipment fi­nan­ced, with the data/reports of the phy­si­cal and cost accounting applications.

Your benefits thus range from time­sav­ing to efficient control and use of funds, plus the advantages of using software to administer the applications.


For information on Operations, Output

and Transactions, please see Data.


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