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... the all-inclusive software for your trading company

Simple and transparent

There are no choices to make!

Instead, an annual fee that covers the li­cen­se to use all the ap­pli­ca­tions, as well as what-others-charge-extra, namely:

Periodic updates; system upgrades.

Enhancements and new applications.

Free programming of your pro­po­sals we beli­e­ve will be­ne­fit the so­f­t­wa­re.

The fee depends on two numbers: the max­i­mum si­mul­tan­eous Read-­only and Read/Write users you determine.

This annual fee is surprisingly low, more than competitive - despite all the rich­ness of CMStrade; lower still for longer contracted periods.

affordable quality

Com­paring discounted/present values, our annual all-inclusive fee is also bet­ter in the long run than the usual large in­i­ti­al sum plus an­nu­al costs (and unknown extras).


plus the other advantages
  that come with CMStrade
being a standard product:

You pay less

Besides the low fee, there is no initial de­ve­lopment and there­fore no related costs.

Taxwise too: the fee is an ex­pense (no de­pre­cia­tion).

You get more

You invest in only one software but you do trading, accounting, etc. all together and productively.

There is no time lost starting to use it.

You profit from a wealth of features and con­ti­nu­ous innovation (because it is economic to en­han­ce stan­dard software).

You feel secure

Fixed, transparent and low price.

Enhancements + main­te­nan­ce included.

Consideration of your suggestions.

Benefits of the experiences of all clients.

Reliability - based on standardisation.

Flexibility of self-customisation.

Backed by 30 years in trade sof­t­wa­re.


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