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The PRocess application is for the trans­for­ma­tions of physical commodities by:

Nature e.g. crushing, cracking, re­fi­n­ing, unshelling;

Packing e.g. bagging, bottling, re­pac­k­a­ging.

Process execution is per your directions on outcome, including loss, costs, etc.

PR interfaces with the stock to source the quantity to be processed and af­ter­wards to store the transformed (one or more) commodities. The new stock/lots needed are automatically created.

All steps are recorded. Data are in value (multi currency), quantity (vo­l­u­me, wei­ght or units) and packing units.

CMStrade treats processing on ac­cou­n­ting and physical basis, providing control of dif­fe­ren­ces and final re­con­ci­lia­tion.

PR integrates with the cost accounting, contributing to a detailed breakdown of costs and ensuring trace-back.

Its operations are integrated with the physical and stock applications too. This also unifies positions and revaluations for a total view, particularly:

Simulating stock as if transformed, to estimate sales potential.

Including current in-process quantities for realistic long positions.


For information on Operations, Output

and Transactions, please see Data.


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