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The General Accounting application han­dles all the input and automatically gen­e­ra­ted GA transactions in CMStrade and pro­du­ces the related management and audit reports.

The GA application is based on classical ac­coun­ting principles and mo­dern in­ter­na­tio­nal standards.

It is not a 3rd party software but made by CMS as an integral part of its product.

This permits a very productive co­ha­bi­ta­tion with the other CMStrade ap­pli­ca­tions, which is crucial because in trading, the con­trol and flow of data is actually 2-way with the other applications.

The essential aim of general accounting is hence realised: to be a measure of the health of the whole business.

CMS thus records in the GA - and retains trace-back to the origins - all the fi­nan­ci­al ac­tivity of all the applications.

This coherence and audit-ability of your business data eases compliance with increasingly exigent regulations.

Furthermore, as the CMStrade Accounts Receivable/Payable and Cost Accounting are full integrated applications too, their needs and mechanisms rightly do not en­cum­ber the GA.

Thus, while the CMS accoun­ting ap­pli­ca­tions together comply with the re­quire­ment for coherence and completeness, the GA - and the other spplications - is optimised for its own needs and stays elegantly simple to maintain and use.


Compatible with international accounting standards.

Multi currency accounting: transaction, functional, local, reporting currency basis.

Custom chart of accounts (none imposed).

Subaccounts per commodity or 3rd-party or employee or other.

Multiple account re-arrangements in­de­pen­dent of any account codification.

Multi currency accounts.

Accounts in historical or current rate for re­cor­ding non-transaction currencies.

Centralisation accounts reserved for auxiliary ac­coun­ting.

Blocking an account for further postings.

Multi language definitions for accounts and account groups.

Relation to functional currency handled automatically per user specification.

Full validation of vouchers before posting.

Multiple debits and credits per voucher.

Multi currency vouchers.

Supply relevant costs and revenues to cost accounting application.

Absolute and relative booking period limits.

Currency revaluation: simulation and pos­ting, periodic and ad hoc.

Annual closing: simulation and execution, possibility to annul and redo.

Delayed annual closing allowing upto 2 years in parallel.

Multi year data retention of account details.

Currency conversion in reports using ac­cou­n­ting or ad hoc rates.

Balances and details, i.e. movements, for any period, starting-ending any day.

Anterior (previous fiscal years) balances and details, for any period, starting-ending any day.

Any number of different sets of groups and sub­groups of accounts, for use in reports, e.g., trial balance, P&L.

Use accounts as collateral in other re­le­vant applications.

Analysis by commodity or client/­supplier.

Do company-related employee operations.

Straight multi company merge of account balances.

Multi company, multi level consolidation.

Consolidation and GA structures can differ.

Provision for consolidation adjustments and eliminations.

Consolidation in functional/other currency.

Flexible pre-consolidation.

Consolidations can be partially ex­e­cu­ted for simulation and correction.

Dynamic con­so­li­da­tion groupings.

For information on Operations, Output

and Transactions, please see Data.


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