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The first stage in the PHysical ap­pli­ca­tion is a new PH contract, based on an external bid or buy/sell opportunities revealed during position analysis.

The proposed offer can be simulated (for prices, costings, qualites, etc.) to de­ter­mi­ne acceptability, and then converted into a new PH contract.

You can also similarly simulate and cre­ate back-to-back PH contracts.

Otherwise, you can directly create a new PH contract from templates, from a pre­vi­ous contract, or from a personal set of models.

The PH contract can be single or multi item, buy or sell, priced or unpriced.

Moreover, the creation copes with all the various issues of clauses, quality at­tri­bu­tes, approximations, multi periods, com­mis­sions, etc., assists with pre-defined elements, and assures that all the data are correct and coherent.

The PH contract process integrates with the other CMStrade applications (cost and general accounting, cash ma­na­ge­ment, traffic) and all concerned de­part­ments are immediately informed.

Once posted, a PH contract can still be amended (commodities, quantities, pe­rio­ds, etc.), the amen­d­ments integrated and the contract re-issued.


For information on Operations, Output

and Transactions, please see Data.


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