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The CMStrade Cash Management:

records cash inflows and outflows,

includes Forex transactions,

manages money market, bank trans­fers and other operations,

provides the functions to plan, control the inflows and execute the outflows,

maintains the actual bank accounts,

and thus is complete and self-sufficient.

Since other applications are also fully integrated with it, they automatically provide most of the cash transactions: both due and projected (not-yet-due, forward committed operations).

This integration also solves the problem of data flow and timing between cash management and accounting.

CMStrade CM is ultimately a professio­nal application without the work-in­ten­si­ve tasks:

capturing due and estimated cash data from other applications,

recording cash operations executed and transmitting them to other ap­pli­cations,

reconciling with bank balances.


For information on Operations, Output

and Transactions, please see Data.


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